Upper Valley Tutoring is a small tutoring company based in Hanover, New Hampshire that provides face-to-face and online academic support services to students of all ages in the Upper Valley and beyond.

We offer tutors with strong subject area knowledge and a demonstrated ability to clearly communicate that knowledge. We carefully match tutors with students based on both their academic and social profiles.

We believe the most important quality in a tutor is their ability to listen.

  • Our tutors listen in order to discover exactly what a student knows. They understand that successful teaching is not simply showing a student where they need to be, but building a bridge from where they are to new understanding.
  • Our tutors listen to how a student learns and not only provide instruction appropriately but help the student understand their learning style so that students can advocate for appropriate help in the future.
  • Our tutors listen to a student's non-academic interests because our tutors are interested their students as people and enjoy getting to know the whole student.
  • Our tutors listen because they understand that successful tutoring is built on the foundation of a strong mutually respectful relationship. The learning process can be difficult and requires trust and safety, safety that can only be obtained by developing this relationship.

Our tutors not only aim to help students with the content of their classes but also with the skills they need to acquire that content. Our goal is to help our students become independant learners who no longer need our services. However, we understand that this can be a long process and never push students toward independence who are not ready.  

We love what we do and it shows in our attentiveness to student needs, the relationships we develop with them and the resulting gains that they achieve.