SAT Boot Camps

Who is this program for?
The redesigned SAT tests students on complex reasoning skills, which we feel are best learned and practiced over time. This is why we recommend an early start date for SAT preparation. However, we know sometimes families find themselves in the position of needing last-minute SAT prep, usually for a student who has already taken the test and not been satisfied with the scores. For these students, a "boot camp" approach is available.

Why use this program instead of attend an SAT prep class?
Our SAT Boot Camp utilizes a one-on-one approach, which...
:: Can be scheduled for the days and times that are most convenient for you.
:: Allows you to invest time and money into just the sections that need improvement.
:: Is customized to each student’s individual needs.
:: Includes two practice tests and a comprehensive analysis for each.

Read more about the benefits of taking practice tests here.

How is tutoring customized to a student's needs?
This program begins with a practice test, which our tutors use to pinpoint the areas where instruction has the potential to yield the best gains. Students can sit for one of our scheduled proctored practice tests or take the test at home. Students also have the option to sit for a second practice test, to measure their progress and/or gain more confidence. The student will receive a comprehensive analysis for each practice test taken.

What does this program offer and how much does it cost?
Based on nearly a decade of experience with SAT prep, we believe that less than three hours of preparation on any given section is an ineffective use of a student's time and money. Therefore, each SAT Boot Camp provides three hours of one-on-one tutoring (which can be used in a single sitting or spread across three 1-hour sessions), at a cost of $225. There is also a $75 registration fee, which covers the cost of all prep materials, the initial practice test, and an optional second practice test, as well as analysis for each test. The SAT Boot Camp registration fee is paid only once, whether the student takes just one SAT Boot Camp, or all four sections.

SAT Boot Camps, by section:
:: Reading: $225
:: Writing and Language: $225
:: Essay: $225
:: Math: $225

Students can choose to purchase all four SAT Boot Camps or just one, depending on the sections they feel need the most work. Students who have completed an SAT Boot Camp and would like to add additional instruction time, within that same section, can purchase it at a cost of $70 per hour.

Tutor Selection
When possible, we offer a choice of tutors. However, when tutoring takes place close to the date of an official SAT sitting, many of our tutors may be fully booked. If we only have one tutor with availability, that is the tutor with whom the student will be placed.

Payment & Cancellation Policy
Payment for both the registration fee and SAT Boot Camp(s) are due upfront and are non-refundable, even if the student chooses not to utilize all three hours in a given section. Due to the nature of this program and the issues of scheduling so close to test dates, there are no refunds for student cancellations. Any portion of time left unused will be forfeited.

Want to sign up or get more info?
Contact us at or call (802) 526-9994.