SAT Preparation


We primarily offer one-on-one tutoring. However, small groups and classes can be created by request.

Our standard recommended preparation is...
:: 10 hours of individual math tutoring
:: 14 hours of individual reading/writing tutoring
:: 1-5 full length practice tests

Standard preparation covers time management strategies, question attack strategies and content.

Cost of Full Test Preparation

SAT preparation is billed by the hour. Tutors differ in speciality and level of experience -- from Dartmouth College graduate students to certified teachers. We work with families to match students based on budget, personality and academic profile.

Our tutoring-based program allows for customization. If a student requires more or less preparation than our standard program, it is easy to arrange and fees are appropriately adjusted.

Since the work is one-on-one, sessions can be scheduled around a student's previous commitments.

Students can take a diagnostic practice test before tutoring begins (see schedule below).  Students who cannot attend a proctored practice test can take this test under timed conditions at home.  We will supply the test and instructions and will do the same analysis that we do for students who took the proctored test.

Tutoring sessions are scheduled directly with the tutor to take place in the 3 months between the diagnostic test and the actual test.

Students can take up to four additional full length practice tests. These tests begin 7-8 weeks before the actual test and run every two weeks. We offer these tests in a proctored setting for students taking the October, May and June tests. Students taking tests at other times take the practice test at home but still recieve a full analysis.

Note: Test attendance is not requried. Students may take the test under timed conditions at home if they cannot make or have already missed a test session.

SAT Test Date Recommended First
Week of Tutoring
Practice Test Schedule

August 24th,

June 3rd

Math: June 17th

1st Practice Test: June 22
2nd Practice Test: July 13
3rd Practice Test: July 27
4th Practice Test: August 10

October 5th,

July 15th

Math: July 29th

1st Practice Test: July 27
2nd Practice Test: August 10

November 2nd,

August 12th

Math: August 26th

1st Practice Test: October 12

December 7th,

September 2nd

Math: September 16th

1st Practice Test: October 12

All practice tests take place at 8:00 AM and finish by noon. 
Students should arrive by 7:45 AM

Practice tests are held at:
Our Savior Lutheran Church
5 Summer Street 
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755

Free Diagnostic Test
Students are welcome to take an initial practice test with no committment or fee. Then, based on their score and our analysis, they can decide whether or not to proceed with preparation.

Our tutors are highly experience subject area specialists; many students choose to have a different tutor for math and reading/writing.

The best way to learn is to practice. Students can expect 1-2 hours of homework per session.

How to Sign Up
1) Contact us at or call (802) 526-9994. We will do a thorough intake to determine which tutors would be an appropriate match.  

2) We will then provide you with a list of options from which you can choose the tutors who best fit your needs and budget.

3) Once you have chosen your tutors, you should begin to prepare for your first lesson by taking a diagnostic practice test at home. While you are working on the diagnostic test, your tutors will contact you to set up a schedule.